Bad Poetry – Beneath the Neon Eye

The spilling over of garbage;
The blighted, malodorous decay,
Of decomposing apples and pears,
Of corrupted cabbages and carrots.
Like a garish still life, putrid and oozing,
Threatening to bleed across the canvas.

The disassemblage of scrap metal,
A rupture into fragments without purpose,
Human ingenuity sinking like sediment,
settling into a jigsaw puzzle of curious components,
Cryptic abstractions, perplexities and enigmas,
For future anthropologists to ponder.

A cacophony of flesh and machine,
And everything in between,
Piled high into a palimpsest of our lives,
Exposing our impulses and divulging our secrets,
As we huddle beneath the lurid neon light of

© John Bowers 2017


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