Film Notes – The Forbidden Room (2015)


Directed by Guy Maddin

WTF? Where do I even begin? Imagine if David Lynch dropped acid, overdosed on early 20th century silent cinema and then made a movie. Or to be more precise, he made an assemblage of movie fragments, fractured and jostling together, interwoven into something that surprisingly resolves into a beautiful pandemonium of chaos.

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Film Notes – The Big Short (2015)


This movie is basically a dramatised version of the Global Financial Crisis for Dummies with a bail-out package of comic relief thrown in to make sure you don’t fall asleep. After all, lets face it, economics and finance affect every facet of our lives yet it manages to bore the average person senseless. And so we distract ourselves with pop culture while at the very same time allowing the Wolves on Wall Street to run wild in the chicken coop.

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